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Digitization and Digital Collections at UNCG

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If you have a question about our digital collections or which to get intouch with us for any reason, please email David Gwynn, Digitization Coordinator, or call at 336.256.2606.

About us

The digitization unit, a part of the Electronic Resources and Information Technologies (ERIT) Department, is responsible for the digitization of primary source materials and other historical and archival resources both within the University Libraries and for external keepers of unique historical material, including UNCG faculty and local cultural heritage organizations.


Currently staffed by three full-time employees, two employees shared with other departments, and several student assistants and grant-funded staff, the digitization unit handles a variety of projects within the UNCG Digital Collections.


For a consultation, please email David Gwynn, Digitization Coordinator. More information on faculty digitization services offered by Digital Projects or by other departments on campus can be found here.


For information on ordering high resolution copies of our digitized material or to arrange permission for publication or other reuse, please visit this page.


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Digital collections priority areas

The Digital Projects Priorities Team has identified four collection priority areas for new digital projects based on collection strengths and priorities within the University and the University Libraries:

Current projects

For a list of our completed projects, please visit the UNCG Digital Collections home page. For updates, check out the Digital Collections blog or Facebook page.


The Digital Projects Priorities Team met on 7 August 2019 and approved the following projects for 2019-2020:

New projects:


Grant-funded digitization:

Women Who Answered the Call: Digitizing the Oral Histories of Women who Served in the U.S. Military and the American Red Cross

Digitize and preserve at-risk audiovisual materials (303 audiocasettes, 6 open-reel audiotapes, and 1 VHS videotape) that are part of the Women Veterans Historical Project. Funded via a CLIR Recordings at Risk Grant (Beth Ann Koelsch and David Gwynn)


(Status as of 27 November: Digitization complete, ingest into OHMS to begin in December.)


Library-funded digitization:


City of Greensboro Scrapbooks 

Digitizing 55 scrapbooks kept by the City of Greensboro from 1947 to 1992, documenting the postwar development of the city (Rhonda Jones and David Gwynn).


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization has begun.)


Eleanor Jaquelyn Davis Hall Papers

Digitization of scrapbooks and documents from a UNCG alumna. (Stacey Krim).


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization complete. Should be online later this year.)


Home Economics Material in UNCG Library Stacks

Digitize pre-1923 home economics items, ranging from cookbooks to books about household arithmetic, which are housed in the stacks (Callie Coward and Erica Rau).


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization in progress.)


Poetas sin Fronteras: Poets Without Borders, the Scrapbooks of Dr. Ramiro Lagos

The proposed project is to digitize a series of scrapbooks and photograph albums documenting the life and career of Dr. Ramiro Lagos, a professor emeritus of poetry in the Romance Languages Department at UNCG, to facilitate access online and to return some of the physical items back to the donor (Patrick Dollar).


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization complete. Should be online later this year.)


Public Domain Cello Scores and Journals 

The project would include the digitization of public domain scores and a set of journals from the Cello Music Collection (Stacey Krim).


(Status as of 27 February: On hold pending documents. Digitization to begin in January.)


UNCG Dance Theses, 1951-1978

This proposal seeks to digitize a collection of Dance theses created by UNCG students between 1951 and 1978. These unique materials exist only in physical copies at this time, and they were not included in a previous retrospective thesis and dissertation digitization project due to considerations including size and accompanying materials (Anna Craft).


(Status as of 27 February: On hold pending documents.)


Women's Association for the Betterment of Public Schoolhouses

Digitization of photos and documents surrounding a North Carolina school improvement campaign in the early 1900s. (Erin Lawrimore).


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization in progress.)


Faculty research projects:


Civil Rights Oral Histories

Pilot project to make available interviews conducted by Matthew Barr (Media Studies) as part of a documentary project using OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer) and the Omeka platform. This will serve as a proof of concept for an upcoming grant application that will involve collaboration between the University Libraries and Media Studies.


(Status as of 27 November: Transcription and OHMS ingest in progress.)


Community outreach projects:


Temple Emmanuel Project

Support Temple Emmanuel in a grant application to digitize newsletters by providing set-up support and hosting for the materials.


(Status as of 27 February: External grant was not funded. We are currently working with the UNCG Department of History on a scaled-down project.)


Continuing/ongoing projects:


Grant-funded digitization:

People Not Property: NC Slave Deeds Project

Year 2 of an NHPRC-funded project to digitize and transcrive scale deeds from 26 North Carolina counties. Collaborative endeavor between the UNCG University Libraries, North Carolina Division of Archives and Records, and North Carolina Registers of Deeds among others.


(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing and on schedule. In second year of a three-year project.)


Library-funded digitization:

Graduate, Summer Session, and Extension Bulletins

(Status as of 27 February: Digitization and metadata complete. Should be online later this year.)


North Carolina Runaway Slaves Ads Project, Phase 2

(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing. Approximately 65% complete.)


PRIDE! of the Community

Support continuation of a project by Stacey Krim, Partick Dollar, and David Gwynn (UNCG Libraries), initially funded through an NEH grant to document the Triad's LGBTQ+ community. We are currently digitizing a large donation from Triad Pride Peforming Arts.


(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing.)


Women Veterans Historiacl Project

(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing. Digitizing new additions as they are accessioned.)


Faculty research projects:

Oral Contraceptive Ads

Support digitization and hosting of a research project for Dr, Heather Adams (English) via a UNCG Libraries Digital Partners Grant.


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization complete. Metadata in progress.)

Continue efforts to expand web presence and community events via a collaborative local history collective of Triad cultural heritage institutions. UNCG representatives are David Gwynn (Governance Task Force) and Erin Lawrimore (Triad History Day).


(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing.)


Well-Crafted NC

Support digitization and hosting a of a project by Erin Lawrimore, Richard Cox, David Gwynn (all UNCG Libraries) and Dr. Erick Byrd (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism) supported by a P2 Grant from the UNCG Office of Community Engagement.


(Status as of 27 February: Ongoing.)


Community outreach projects:


Junior League Reports

Continue digitization of archival material documenting Greensboro history.


(Status as of 27 February: Digitization and metadata complete. Should be online later this year.)


Infrastructure projects:


Islandora Migration

Complete migration of digital content to a new platform.


(Status as of 27 February: Ingest of new content is in progress. This will be a major project lasting several months.)

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