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0:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Ok, Today is Monday, December 5th, 2016, and my name is Scott Hinshaw. I am in the UNCG Alumni House with the current SGA President, Joseph Graham, to conduct an oral history interview for the UNCG Institutional Memory Collection.

Segment Synopsis: Interview introduction

0:18 - Biographical and early life information

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Partial Transcript: So, let's start off with just some early life, biographical information. Tell us about your background, when and where you were born.

Segment Synopsis: Early life, family and home life, parents, family members who also attended UNCG, high school, and favorite subjects.

Keywords: alumni

3:19 - Attending UNCG

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me about how you found out about UNCG?

Segment Synopsis: Family members who attended UNCG, first impressions of UNCG, major, favorite professors and classes, study abroad in France, social and academic events, type of students that attend UNCG, UNCG as an inclusive and accepting environment.

Keywords: alumni; diversity; identity; presidential election (2016); Student Government Association; student life; study abroad; Woman's College of the University of North Carolina

34:12 - Student government at UNCG

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk a little bit about student government and your involvement in that. You are currently the SGA President, but you also ran for and won Vice-President in your Sophmore year, you've also told me you participated your Freshman year.

Segment Synopsis: Involvement in SGA throughout time at UNCG, becoming Vice-President and then President in Sophmore year. Things learned from experience. Duties of the President and managing responsibilities. Board of Trustee meetings. Thoughts on Chancellors Brady and Gilliam. Handling complex issues important to students and presenting them to the University.

Keywords: athletics; Board of Trustees; Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.; Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness; Linda Brady; student fees; Student Government Association; UNCG 3

66:16 - Interview conclusion

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Partial Transcript: You've been talking about this the whole time, but you know, if you want to bring it together or whatever. Tell me UNCG has affected your life and what it means to you.

Keywords: diversity; identity